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Lunnemann Perfect Imperfection – a collection of handmade, exclusive, unique and personal jewellery

Rikke Lunnemann's jewellery is handmade, exclusive, unique and all personal with a story and a message.

Lunnemann Perfect Imperfection is a collection of exclusive handmade rings, earrings and pendants all made in 18 carat recycled gold with top quality responsibly sourced diamonds and top quality natural coloured sapphires.

Read about the inspiration behind these pieces here:

'Sometimes I get completely breathless from all the demands life offers and from what we demand of ourselves. Here in Denmark we talk about the ‘Grade 12 girls and boys’ (Grade 12 is the top grade here in Denmark), as something bad and something young people should put aside.

But are we grown ups not part of creating these ‘want-to-be-perfect’ young people? They have to make the right choice for the rest of their lives and that right away. They must have top grades to be sure to keep all education options open. They must be sure to do the right thing on social media, to avoid being judged and to avoid leaving imprint in cyberspace – where nothing will ever be forgotten. They have to be selected to join a sports team, even here you can not just be good enough just as you are.

I’m trying to teach my two girls that it actually is fantastic to be a little crooked and imperfect. Imperfections are not wrong, the hand-made biases with soul and charm, small perfect imperfections – ‘Perfect Imperfection’. Therefore these diamonds are not set straight – and will not get a 12 top grade!'


Personal jewellery from Rikke’s jewellery workshop in Svendborg

All jewellery is designed and created in Rikke’s own workshop in Svendborg, where she work to create quality jewellery – with hands, thoughts and tools. Craftsmanship and knowledge of materials translated into gold, silver and precious stones. Nature's shapes and patterns are, together with everyday life, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Rikke's jewellery is never overwhelming, but fragile in a poetic and story-bearing way.


Why choose handmade jewellery?

Jewellery should not be bought thoughtlessly. Jewellery must be unique with a personal touch and it must be produced with consideration for the environment and for those who make it.


Handmade jewellery and precious metals

All Rikke’s jewellery is handmade in high quality metal. She uses Eco gold / re-cycled / recycled gold and recycled silver from her regular precious metal suppliers.

Recycled precious metals are made from old jewellery and are melted down and refined. The precious metals are cleaned and can then be reused. You avoid minine new gold and silver from mines, where the processes are highly polluting for both water and the environment.


Handmade jewellery and diamonds

When we buy our precious metals, diamonds, pearls and gemstones, we trade with the same small selection of respected diamond suppliers as we have always done, to ensure that all come from the most ethical and environmentally responsible sources.

The diamonds we use at Rikke Lunnemann Jewellery comply with the Kimberly process. The Kimberly Process unites administrations, civil society, and industry in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds (rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments) around the world.

Rikke Lunnemann feels a deep responsibility to use a precious material that has been taken from the earth in the right way, so that the diamonds can be appreciated for many years to come as heirlooms of the future.


Handmade jewellery and pearls

At Lunnemann Jewellery we only work with the best quality in cultured pearls, and most of our pearls are sustainable. Our supplier regularly visits the pearl farms in French Polynesia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Mexico. In this way, they ensure that the conditions under which pearl production takes place comply with sustainable principles.

When harvesting sustainable pearls, the pearls are not post-processed, and therefore neither colour nor lustre has been manipulated. The pearls appear with the qualities the mussel has created, and by cultivating pearls under sustainable conditions, higher qualities of the pearls can be achieved.