’Jewellery is not just jewellery – it is a tale with a message. It is information passed on to create feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Every day I work in the workshop to make high quality jewellery and craft in gold, silver and precious gemstones. By closely observing forms and patterns within nature and my everyday life, my jewellery echoes the objects that I have drawn inspiration from. My pieces are never loud but instead fragile in a poetic and storytelling way. They tell something subtle or fun and there is often a personal story behind each of the pieces.
I see my jewellery as small creations you use, take care of and have for the rest of your life. That is such a lovely thought’.

Jewellery designer Rikke Lunnemann born on the Faroe Islands, educated in London, England now living in Svendborg, Denmark.

Lunnemann has participated in several exhibitions; Biennale for Craft & Design and her jewellery has been exhibited in a number of worldwide galleries in e.g. Italy, Germany, France and Taiwan.

Winner of Danish Crafts and Design Association prize ‘Håndfuglen’ for ‘Best new product’.


Each piece of jewellery is artistically designed and produced by hand in my craft studio in Svendborg. Working hands-on with the material at my studio has always been a source of inspiration and I believe that the careful human touch in the making process makes the piece unique and adds value.

I see my jewellery as small creations you use, take care of and have for the rest of your life. That is such a lovely thought’ and all in harmony with my thoughts on sustainability. Furthermore, I aim to craft every piece in recycled gold and silver as it is most gentle on the environment.

Exhibitions, prices and grants

2022 – ‘Until Death Do Us Part’, SMUCK München, Wekrstatt-Galerie, Munich, Germany

2022 – ‘Until Death Do Us Part’, Brussels Jewellery Week, Syntra, Brussels, Belgium

2021 – ‘Until Death Do Us Part’, Gallery Alliages, Lille, France

2021 – ‘KORU7’ Lappeenranta , Finland

2021 – ‘Tincal Lab Challenge – Jewellery and Nature’, Porto, Portugal

2021 – ‘Painful Hope’ – lalabeyou, Madrid, Spain

2020 – ‘Painful Hope’ – Gallery Alliages, Lille, France

2020 – ‘Havets Juveler’, Museum Fjord & Bælt, Kerteminde, Denmark

2019 – ‘Mørkets Lys’, SAK Kunstbygning, Svendborg, Denmark

2019 – ‘En Dronning værdig – Førstedamer’, Galleri Bærbart, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 – ‘Naturens Juveler’, Særudstilling på Museet Naturama, Svendborg, Denmark

2018 – ‘Crafts Stafet’, Officinet, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 – ‘Nord Lys’, SAK Kunstbygning, Svendborg, Denmark

2016 – ‘Driv Craft, Nicolai Kunst og Design, Kolding, Denmark

2015 – ‘Over Voldgraven’, Museet på Sønderskov, Vejen, Denmark

2014 – ‘Animal Instincts’, SNAG exhibition in print, USA

2014 – Håndfuglen 2007-2014, Officinet, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 – Exhibition ‘Gift.ed’, Gallery MANO, Taipei, Taiwan

2013 – Exhibition’ Cool Jul’, Museé Roubaix La Piscine, Roubaix, France

2013 – Exhibition ‘Cool Jul’, Maisons du Danemark, Champs-Élyseés, Paris, Frankrig

2013 – ‘Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design’, Rundetårn, København, Danmark

2013 – ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll’ – Deutsches Goldschmeidehaus Hanau, Hanau, Germany

2011 – 2012 – ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll’ – Galleria 42 Contemporaneo, Modena, Italy

2012 – ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll’ – Vices or lifestyle Exhibition, Werkschau Simone Winkler, Kempten, Germany

2012- ‘Vaser’, Gruppe udstilling af Danske Kunsthåndværkere på Nicoali, Kolding, Denmark

2011 – ‘5 for Silver 6 for Gold’, RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, England

2010 – ‘Origin – The London Crafts Fair’ , Crafts Council, London, England


Prizes and Grants

2010 Awarded grant from Danish Crafts for participating in “Origin – The London Craft Fair”

2010 Winner of the Håndfuglen 210 Prize, Danish Arts and Craft Association – The Market’s Prize Håndfuglen 2010