Cumulus gold ring with unique Fiji pearl and diamond


Design: Rikke Lunnemann

Drop-shaped Fiji pearl with the most beautiful play of colours makes this ring completely unique and very elegant. The ring is also adorned with the sparkle of a shining top quality brilliant.

This ring is truly a ‘one of a kind!’

Handmade goldring in matte 18 ct. re-cycled yellow gold with Fiji pearl and 0,05 ct brilliant cut diamond.

This is a unique ring with a unique pearl, som do contact me to inquire about size here.

Ring 1,5mm

Read about the inspiration behind the Cumulus jewellery here

A guide on how to find your ring size here

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Lunnemann Cumulus – a collection of handmade, exclusive, unique and personal jewellery

Rikke Lunnemann’s jewellery is handmade, exclusive, unique and all personal with a story and a message.

Lunnemann Cumulus is a collection of exclusive handmade rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants in 18 carat recycled gold and Sterling silver with top quality responsibly sourced diamonds and high quality pearls cultivated according to sustainable principles..

Read about the inspiration behind these rings here:

‘I found the inspiration for these pieces in the ceiling of one of the rooms at the beautiful Sønderskov Manor outside Vejen in Denmark.

The curves in the ceiling are like rolling waves, it has the most beautiful birds looking down at you and then there is these completely round, kind of funny but very beautiful painted clouds.

The clouds look more like snowballs than actually clouds and they showed me in such a fantastic way how beautiful the interaction between round shapes are’