Across Borders Ring


Design: Rikke Lunnemann

Elegant and adorable interpretation of the classic pearl ring.


Handmade in 18 kt. re-cycled gold with an ocean of small white freshwater pearls. Ring 1.5mm, pearls approx 2,5 mm

Handmade to order – please contact me.

Read about the inspiration behind Across Borders here



Lunnemann Across Borders …  – a collection of handmade, exclusive, unique and personal rings, necklaces and bracelets

Rikke Lunnemann’s jewellery is handmade, exclusive, unique and all personal with a story and a message.

Lunnemann Across Borders … is a collection of exclusive handmade rings, necklaces and bracelets in 18 carat recycled gold and high quality pearls sustainable grown cultured pearls

Read about the inspiration behind this collection here:

… An interpretative comment of the Danish ‘Jewellery Law’

Across … Borders
What is accepted?
and what may be confiscated?