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It’s the most wonderful time of the year ….

and although Christmas again this year is dressed in slightly different clothes, the Feast of the Hearts is fortunately fast approaching. We are gradually getting used to this uncertain and different time, and therefore I do not allow myself to be disturbed by the worrying thoughts …. but instead I look forward to all the wonderful things Christmas brings.

Unfortunately, earrings, rings and jewellery do not prevent the spread of various Corona viruses, but one thing is sure, diamonds light up in the dark times. They sparkle and shine in a real and amazing way – because my diamonds are real! Like all the other stones and gems you will find in my web shop: Lunnemann’s glittering Boutique

Christmas presents

The workshop is still busy and I also have news that you can find in the shop. You can still buy a personal and completely unique gift for a special person in your life (and of cause that can also mean a gift for yourself – I like these a lot!;)).

The jewellery trays are filled with beautiful gold and beautifully sparkling diamonds and precious stones, so get inspired on and if you have questions, call or write.