Carats and Cocktails - Per Fumeé

This is my take on a cocktail ring – it’s called Per Fumeé. The ring was part of the exhibition ‘Carats and Cocktails’ at Balthazar Champagne Bar in Hotel D’Angleterre.

The ring is inspired by the cocktail French 75. This cocktail has a direct connection to the French cannon Matériel de 75mm Mle 1897, which was incorporated into the French army in 1898. Especially during the First World War it showed its strength, and when had to have a cocktail named after it, it had to have power – and it did, with a range of up to 8.5 kilometers and up to 30 shots per minute.

The ring is made of 18 kt gold and has a very beautiful 10.4 ct Citrine, which changes in the colours yellow and orange. Inside the citrine is a red/orange sapphire, and the air bubbles are of course Champagne bubbles 🫧. The gold swirls are the smoke from the old French cannon, but it is also the beautifully cut lemon peel that French 75 is known for. And the name … Per Fumeé – for smoke but which sounds like perfume with pleasure and fragrance.

And some bonus info – the recipe – it tastes fantastic!

  • 4 cl Gin
  • 2 cl sugar syrup
  • 2 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice 🍋
  • Champagne 🍾
  • 1 lemon peel for decoration

Photo: Ring: Iben Kaufmann, Cocktail: Miklos Szabo & Ida Buss