Clean Up Brooch


Design: Rikke Lunnemann

Handmade Cotton bud brooches in 18 carat gold with South Sea Keshi pearls.

Unique works that are only available in a very limited edition.

No one can save nature alone, but together we can make a difference and I have therefore chosen to donate 15% of the sales price of the Clean Up broches to WWF and the reason for that is:

‘Jewels of the Oceanr’ provides the most beautiful images for my inner vision. Colourful underwater landscapes, beautiful corals, small fish, big fish, in all kinds of colours and shapes. A world as beautiful and subtle as if taken out of a movie. But at the same time, I can’t get images of floating plastic, trash and filth out of my head – images that in a horrible way show the seriousness of the ocean pollution we humans are to blame for.

The title of these pieces are ‘Clean Up’ because we simply have to clean up our beautiful planet!


Price is per piece.

Handmade in 18 carat. gold with South Sea Keshi Pearls
Straight: 80×10 mm Bent: 80x30mm

Read about the inspiration behind Clean Up here

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