Butterfly silver earring


Design: Rikke Lunnemann

Beautiful butterfly earring in Sterling silver.  The butterfly sits beautifully on the ear, almost like it is ready to fly away.
I make this earring in two sizes, find the small one here

Handmade gold earring made in re-cycled Sterling silver, 11 mm
Price per set

Read about the inspiration behind the Butterfly jewellery here



Lunnemann Butterfly – a collection of handmade, exclusive, unique and personal jewellery

Rikke Lunnemann’s jewellery is handmade, exclusive, unique and all personal with a story and a message.

Lunnemann Butterfly is a collection of exclusive handmade necklaces, earrings and rings in 18 carat recycled gold and Sterling silver with top quality responsibly sourced diamonds.

Read about the inspiration behind these rings here:

‘The idea for these butterfly necklaces came one day when my daughter and I were cutting paper. Suddenly all these clippings came alive – right there on the table. One butterfly was about to take off, while another sat enjoying the warmth of the sun.
In the necklaces, I have tried to recreate the feeling of butterflies, each of which has its own life. This means that each chain is different from the next because no two butterfly colonies are ever the same!’