Clean Up

Nobody can save nature on their own, but together we have make a difference, and I hope you will be part of it. I have decided that I will donate the profit of the sales of  ‘Clean Up’ cotton  buds to WWF.

The internet often exposes you to a lot of different impressions. Some images just disappear from one’s conscience as if you have never seen them. But others burn their mark in your brain and will not let you forget.


Especially two photos came up again and again – one is a photo of a sea turtle, where marine biologists are trying to pull a cotton bud out of the nose of a sea turtle. It is certainly not a photo for delicate souls, and it makes me immensely sad to see. The second photo is one of a tiny seahorse. It is not sitting on a straw of seagrass as it should, but it is holding on to a floating cotton bud and is drifting away with the current. It is a very beautiful photo taken by photographer Justin Hofman, but at the same time it is so sad to see because it describes all too well what we humans are doing to the oceans… or rather what we are not capable of doing.

Our oceans usually provide the most beautiful images for my inner vision. Colourful underwater landscapes, amazing corals, small fish, big fish, in all sorts of colours and shapes. Mussels, conch shells and hermit crabs taking residence in the most beautiful of them. A world as beautiful and subtle as poetry.

And yet immensely sad images of how we humans are well on our way to destroying this ‘poetry’ with our waste and pollution keeps appearing before my eyes.

These are the thoughts behind the cotton buds made in 18 ct. gold and South Sea Kesha pearls. The title is ‘Clean up’.

They are a reminder that we must ‘clean up’ of the mess we have made. They are also a reminder that we need to ‘clean up’ in our habits and we need to rethink how and what we use and throw away. And even more important they are a reminder to politicians and leaders around the World that they need to get their ears cleaned and listen when scientists, marine biologists and others tell us how bad things are in all the world’s oceans, that something must be done at a higher level.

It is so PAINFUL to see what is happening to our beautiful oceans. We simply have to start cleaning up – it is so important – but if we stand together in this project there is HOPE.