Perfect Imperfection Collection

Sometimes I get completely breathless from all the demands life offers and from what we demand of ourselves. Here in Denmark we talk about the ‘Grade 12 girls and boys’ (Grade 12 is the top grade here in Denmark), as something bad and something young people should put aside.

But are we grown ups not part of creating these ‘want-to-be-perfect’ young people? They have to make the right choice for the rest of their lives and that right away. They must have top grades to be sure to keep all education options open. They must be sure to do the right thing on social media, to avoid being judged and to avoid leaving imprint in cyberspace – where nothing will ever be forgotten. They have to be selected to join a sports team, even here you can not just be good enough just as you are.

I’m trying to teach my two girls that it actually is fantastic to be a little crooked and imperfect. Imperfections are not wrong, the hand-made biases with soul and charm, small perfect imperfections – ‘Perfect Imperfection’. Therefore these diamonds are not set straight – and will not get a 12 top grade!