Jewels of Nature

For the exhibition ‘Jewels of Nature’ I was given the sparrow as my source of inspiration.

My thoughts immediately fell on the small brown sparrow you find in all Danish gardens all year round. But as I started my research, I found that the sparrow is a member of the largest order of birds here in Denmark with more that 6000 different species.

A lot of the birds we see in our gardens are all part of the sparrow family. Birds like the blue tit, the red robin, the wren, the black bird are all sparrows – even the crow and the raven are part of this family.

Through my research I found that there are ‘a lot of facets’ to this tiny bird and the work title for my project was ‘All the different facets of the sparrow’.

I have worked in gold and my wish is to symbolize the sparrows beautiful form, colours and sizes through a goldsmith’s precious materials – with a lot of facets.